S-Series Harbour Docks

Concrete pontoon harbours for bigger needs 

The S-series concrete pontoon dock with a sturdy pressure-impregnated wooden frame is a popular choice among builders of boat harbours – not least for its cost-effective but stable build. The deck of the S-series pontoons is constructed from durable, pressure-impregnated wood. 
The products of the S-series are versatile and modifiable. Our flexible joint -procedure facilitates extensions and modifications. The customer can impact the length, carrying capacity, height and shape of the dock when making the order. Expansion and alterations are carried out swiftly. The docks in the S-series can be equipped in many different ways to form the perfect boat harbour. 

The dimensions of the standard dock element are 12 x 2.4 m equipped with floats of 2.4 x 2.0 x 0.75 m. 

Harbour video