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Sheet pile dock

Constructing a retaining wall for the shore often becomes an issue in connection to dredging, when the dredged masses have to be stocked on the shore. With the help of A-Laiturit’s sheet pile, constructing a retaining wall is easy and requires no large machines, and the end result is very durable.

The first step in constructing the sheet pile wall is to make supporting structures from wooden beams or metal screw poles. When these are done the sheet pile is placed side by side to form a wall. Installation is done manually. The sheet pile is pushed to a depth of about 50 cm depending on the quality of the seabed, and screwed to the support beams.

For installing the sheet pile the only tools needed are a large hammer or a mallet, a spirit level, and a screw driver. Installation is fast. As a final touch the upper edges of the sheet pile are evened with a saw. The final result is a neat and durable wall.

The sheet pile can also be used to fix and prevent erosion damages on the shore. They can also be used to support ditches or the walls of a boat lift.

Constructing the sheet pile wall

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