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Installing a buoy by oneself can be carried out in the summertime using a boat, or during wintertime from on top of the ice. It is easier to place the buoy from the ice, as long as you have ensured the durability of the ice.

Concrete weights can be attached to the chain either all at once or by sinking them one by along the chain to the bottom of the sea. Attach the chain to the weights using two shackles and secure the shackles with wire.

Before purchasing a buoy and anchoring supplies it is important to investigate the water depth and the quality of the seabed. The measurements of the buoy, anchor and chain can be found in the table on the left.

In normal circumstances the correct length of the chain is twice the depth of the water. In addition enough length of chain needs to be reserved in order to tie in the anchor weights.

The buoy anchor can consist of concrete weights or a steel anchor. The steel anchor is mainly intended for temporary mooring of small boats. A buoy intended for mooring larger boats should always be anchored with anchor weights.

Thanks to the 25 kg concrete weights of A-Laiturit, the weight can always be expanded to meet your needs. For example if the boat weighs 500 kg, we recommend the anchor to weigh at least 440 kg.

Before installing the buoy we recommend that you research the seabed at the specific location. For example in a very steep cliff shore there is a risk that the anchor weight glides away along the sea bottom, taking the buoy with it.

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