The largest department store for floating docks and marinas in Finland - A-Laiturit
A-laiturit myymälä sisältä, myymäläpäälikkö Olli Kinos

The largest department store for floating docks and marinas in Finland

Store open:

Mon–Fri 8–17

Item pick-ups can be scheduled for other hours as well


Voudinkatu 39, 21200 Raisio


The new, over 2000 square metre A-Laituri business premises located in Raisio contain the largest in-door exhibition hall in Finland.

Various models and sizes of pontoons and dock solutions are shown in the bright and capacious exhibition space. In our well-equipped department store a variety of supplies for the repair- and DIY-builder can also be found.

We offer a full-range service from planning to manufacture and marina-solutions ranging from small swimming docks for your summer cottage to large boat marinas.

A-Laiturit emphasizes good service

For us reliability, quality, and good service are questions of principle and honour that we have always been renowned for. With our new factory we can provide an ever-increasing standard of service while our new exhibition facilities demonstrate even more ready-made dock solutions.

Out of our versatile and comprehensive assortment of products, you can freely choose the items that best increase the comfort and safety for yourself and the members of your family.

A-Laiturit cares about the environment

In the construction and continuing operations of our new factory, we take great consideration of the environment and issues such as sustainability. We heat the spaces of our factory that need to be heated and solidify our dock concrete with ground heat. We drilled almost a kilometre into the rock in order to extract geothermal heat! Storage and assembly spaces are so-called cold space. Energy is also saved by the use of LED-lights and heat isolation that exceeds the norms.

Welcome to our new exhibition premises and factory store is Raisio – let’s design the best place to be in summer together!