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Pontoon with concrete floats

The pontoon with concrete floats can be constructed independently by purchasing the dock and the concrete floats separately, and in addition obtaining a gangway of the correct length. The size of the anchoring kit depends on circumstances such as the quality of the seabed and the size of the boats that will be moored to the dock.

Different anchoring kits are available depending on the size of the pontoon and the conditions at the location. We readily help you to make a plan for anchoring and in choosing the right anchoring kit.

The pontoon with concrete floats can be completed by two persons within a day. By installing the dock yourself you can save up to 30 percent of the costs of your new dock, and the delivery timetable of the dock is more flexible. For towing the pontoon no large vessel is required, a boat with a small outboard motor is sufficient.

When putting the anchor weights in place you can use the pontoon as a work raft from which the anchor weights are dropped to the bottom.

The pontoon is connected to the shore using anchoring chains. Always remember to add steel springs, which give way if ice is pushing against the pontoon in spring. The condition of the springs should be controlled around springtime every year and any broken springs should be exchanged for new ones. Exchanging the springs can be done by hand.



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