Do-It-Yourself: Rapeairing Concrete Structures - A-Laiturit
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Repairing concrete structures

A-Laiturit’s Uppo-Mix product package includes Uppo-Mix powder and liquefier. Follow the instructions in the package according to what kind of location is in question. One package is enough for a 25 kg bag of concrete.

The Uppo-Mix additives are mixed with normal S100 cement according the instructions. By changing the ratios you get different consistencies, appropriate for different locations. The blending is done by hand and no concrete blender is necessary.

The Uppo-Mix concrete is excellent for example for repairing well rings on the water line. Clean the surfaces of the well ring as well as possible. Pour the concrete into the well ring. The Uppo-Mix additive prevents the water from being absorbed into the concrete. You can then continue casting in normal fashion.

You can add rocks or rebar to the cast if needed. No special tools are necessary, an ordinary spatula is enough to even out the concrete. The drying time for Uppo-Mix concrete is 2-3 days.

Uppo-Mix is also excellently suited for repairing cracks. The paste is left very dry so that it can easily be shaped. The paste is evened out by hand onto the location. Instead of rubbing the paste too much, try to get it into the crack by pressing it only a few times. Finish off by carefullu evening out the surface.

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