Do-It-Yourself: Boatlift - A-Laiturit
Tee-se-itse laituri A-laiturit


The boat lift does not have to be a complicated contraption. You can easily build one yourself. The most important part is to place the wheels that will be against the bottom of the boat in a way that allows the boat to move easily on the wheels. If the wheels are in V-formation moving the boat may be heavy. Another factor which is important to take into account is that the boat must never be supported by only one pair of wheels. If this happens, the strain on the bottom of the boat is too large and there may be damage to the boat.

The A-Laiturit do-it-yourself kit for the boat lift is available with or without the long frame beams. The purchaser of only the construction kit can obtain the timber for the frame from the closest store and so save in transportation costs. All parts of the boat lift are available separately, which means that for example additional rubber wheels can be installed at a later stage according to changing needs.

The frame of the boat lift is an 8-metre long rail, whose bottom end is underneath the water surface while the upper end sits firmly on dry land. The boat is driven against the lowermost rubber wheels. The line of the winch is then connected to the trailer link of the boat. The boat is easily lifted with the winch. Please observe that the upper end of the boat lift might have to be fastened to the ground using for example a screw pole or a ground anchor. Weights can also be placed at the upper end of the boat lift.

Additional wheels if the weight of the boat is:

  • 500 kg: 14 pcs
  • 500-700 kg: 18 pcs
  • 700-900 kg: 24 pcs

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