M-Series Harbour Docks

Heavy-duty pontoon harbours even for the most demanding conditions 

The M-series with an all-concrete frame is the flagship product of our company. An incredibly stable and strong product, it is suitable for rough conditions and professional use, even harbouring large ships. The products in the M-series can also be used as wave breakers. The structure is maintenance-free and designed to last for at least 50 years. The rebar is hot-dip galvanized. 
The M-series can be used to realise boat harbours in different shapes and forms. The products are available in different dimensions and have excellent joining capabilities: using flexible joints the different elements can be attached to one another in a row, side by side or in L- or T-shape. 

The docks in the M-series can be equipped with a number of additional accessories such as a wooden deck, wooden fender beams and regular fenders, boat booms, pre-cast water- and electric piping, light- and electricity poles, waste containers, etc. 

Dimensions for the standard pontoon: 2.4 m x 8 m and 2.4 m x 12 m. Larger dimensions also available by request. 

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