What is more pleasant than plunging from the dock into the water on a hot summer’s day? With the help of our sturdy swimming ladders, going swimming and getting back up from the water is effortless and safe for children as well as older persons. 

Our elegant cleats provide the finishing touch on your dock! The cleats are easy to attach ropes to and their sturdy build ensures that your boat stays put even in harsh weather conditions. 

Appropriate safety equipment is an essential part of any marina. Unauthorized persons can be kept out of the area and even the harrowing scenario of falling into the water does not have to cause any worse consequences than wet clothes. 

With a good buoy the boat is at home! The ready buoy kits can be installed securely on your own, or by a professional if preferred. 

As the evenings get darker by the end of summer and come autumn, it is pleasant to arrive to an illuminated dock. The lighting gives the dock safety and an enjoyable ambiance when arriving from the water or from the shore. 

The joints are used for connecting the gangway with the pontoon or the support element on shore. The support element is a structure that is installed on shore and to which the gangway can be connected. 

We offer durable hot dip galvanised long link chain according to DIN 763 (5685C) standard and EUR Large D shackles. By using sufficient lengths of chain and by placing them crossways underneath the pontoon we make sure that the chains are not a hindrance for dock users.