A-Laiturit Group Ltd

The parent company with the following  subsidiaries:

A-Laiturit Oy

Founded in 1987
Owner/Managing Director: Matti-Pekka Vähätalo
Staff: 15
Turnover 2014: 2.6 m€
Turnover 2015: 3.4 m€
Budget 2016: 4.0m€
Docks 70%
Accessories 30%

In one year we deliver over 300 docks.

A-Marinas Oy

Controls the export of A-Laiturit. At the moment we export our products to, among others, Sweden, Iceland, France, Holland, Germany, Russia and Estonia.

A-Tuonti Oy

Purchases from outside the EU.

A-Laiturit Oy
Voudinkatu 39
21200 Raisio
Our store is open:
Mon-Friday 8am – 4pm

Product pick-up is also possible outside opening hours
(by agreement).

Puh: 020 7433 100
Sähköposti: info@a-laiturit.fi