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Screw pole 1 m

  • Screw pole 1 m
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Extendible screw pole for versatile use

Includes 1m hollow shaft, screw tip, plug and joint screw.

The 1-metre long screw pole is screwed into the ground or seabed as a base for various surface constructions. It can, for instance, be used to support pontoon constructions or for attaching a gangway to the ground support. The product can also be used to ground lighter buildings or constructions such as storage units, cottages, flag poles, fences, or traffic signs. The screw pole can be extended, one metre at a time, by connecting one shaft to another. The additional shafts are sold separately.

The screw pole is suitable in muddy or sandy ground free of any large boulders, and in gravel or rubble where the grain size is a maximum of 0-55mm. It cannot be installed in rocky ground or coarse quarries. Even without insulation the screw pole is frost-resistant, as long as the tip is screwed below the frost line. When installed into the seabed the screw tip should be inserted 1-2m deep into solid ground and 2-4m into soft seabed, while the weight of the building in question and other requirements also need to be taken into consideration. Pontoon-constructions can also be installed into the seabed using a hole in the ice.

Diameter: 60mm, wall thickness: 3mm, hot dip galvanised, carrying capacity when screwed into dense mud: approx. 1000kg, when screwed into sand: approx. 3500kg. In the estimation of carrying capacity, specific safety factors have not been taken into account and must be calculated individually according to the demands of the construction in question.

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