Light Post LED, rack with 3x16A + Waterpost

  • Light Post LED, rack with 3x16A + Waterpost
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The light and electricity station + waterpost

The light and electricity station brings together practicality and elegant design. Illuminated by long-lasting LED-lights. The lights are directed so as to light up the deck of the dock without blinding anyone approaching it. The post is constructed as a module and can be outfitted according to your needs and wishes with electricity outlets, water stations, a lifebuoy or a fire extinguisher in its case. Different accessories can be combined on the same post.

Dimensions 400x340x1024mm. Optional additional accessories include electricity distribution centre 1-2 pcs, water station, extinguisher case and lifebuoy with throw line. Ask for an estimation for your own implementation. PLEASE NOTE: The price of the product consists of the frame itself and additional accessories.

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