Heavy-duty pontoon harbours even for the most demanding conditions. The M-series with an all-concrete frame is the flagship product of our company. An incredibly stable and strong product, it is suitable for rough conditions and professional use, even harbouring large ships. 

Concrete pontoon harbours for bigger needs. The S-series concrete pontoon dock with a sturdy pressure-impregnated wooden frame is a popular choice among builders of boat harbours – not least for its cost-effective but stable build. 

Plastic pontoon harbour for low or sheltered waters. The over-wintering pontoons with plastic floats in the K-series are the optimal choice for harbours at low or sheltered shores. The height of the deck above water is at a suitable height for small boats and canoes. 

All of our pontoons – regardless of the type of float – can be connected. The docks are joined using our flexible joint systems.

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