Sheet Pile for Retaining Wall 3m (0.45m2)

  • Sheet Pile for Retaining Wall 3m (0.45m2)
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Erosion protection for shore line

Choose sheet piling for a durable and deep retaining wall by the shore. The sheet pile is available in lengths of 3 or 6 metres. The piles are light and their transportation and installation easy.

The sheet piles are always installed two at a time. All you need for installation is a sledgehammer or mallet, a spirit level and a screw driver. The sheet pile is driven into clay with ease but can also be placed in harder ground with just manual power and a sledgehammer. If the sheet pile needs to be shortened, this is possible with a hand- or chainsaw.

The sheet pile made of PVC plastic is both elegant and durable. It does not rust or decay.

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