Veneet laiturissa A-laiturit

Design and installation

Let us plan your new dock together – our service will help you!

During our 25 years of operation we have delivered thousands of dock-solutions to suit different functions and locations. In our new factory in Raisio we annually produce thousands of dock-metres. Our experienced professionals will design a durable pontoon that will match the specific requirements and circumstances of your shore. Make use of our competence!

Careful planning

Before work is commenced we will work together to make a requirements and circumstances -assessment so that the pontoon and its structures will suit your shore in the best possible way. Pictures from the shore, the location and the intended positioning of the pontoon itself will aid in beginning the work of planning. The specific usage that the pontoon is intended for is also important to consider at an early stage. Is the primary function of the dock a general place of leisure, for pursuits such as swimming and fishing? Or is it rather intended for mooring, loading and sheltering a boat? Perhaps the main purpose of the pontoon is as a fun place for parties and social gatherings? Should the safety of small children be taken into consideration – or are the prospects of loading a large dog into a boat more relevant? The final plans, reviews and decisions are made on location when needed.

While planning, the following aspects (among others) are taken into consideration:

  • Principal purpose
  • Wind and wave conditions
  • Currents and water depths
  • Shore terrain
  • Size and number of boats
  • The loading and maintenance facilities of the boat
  • The put-in and pull-out structures for the boat
  • Ice conditions

Reliable delivery, easy installation

In addition to our actual products, other qualities that our customers appreciate include our punctual and complete deliveries. Upon request, our delivery service will take care of transportation of the pontoon from the factory to your shore. We also offer to lend a complimentary trailer to transport a dock upon purchase. Even for installation we can recommend professionals from our broad network of partners.

Our customers’ satisfaction with our products and service is our goal

We want to make ordering a new pontoon as effortless an endeavor as possible. Therefore we principally strive to concentrate your business on one salesperson or retailer cognizant of your individual needs and preferences.

A-Laiturit emphasizes good service through our retail network

The local salespersons are well acquainted with the circumstances and conditions in the specific region, and can recommend the right type of pontoon for the right location. Local knowledge is ultimately one of the main strengths and principal selling points for A-Laiturit.

Contact us and let us help you with designing a tailor-made dock for you!